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RPGChronicles FAQs

Post by slate » Thu Sep 30, 2021 10:13 am

This post is mainly geared towards players and GMs at games I organize.

What is RPG Chronicles?
rpgchronicles.net is a free service that allows me to easily fill out and deliver chronicle sheets to players.
Why do you use it?
As a GM, there is a lot of prep work that goes into running a game, as well as the cost of materials. By using RPG Chronicles, I am able to slightly reduce my spend on printing chronicles. In the past, I would often print out 7 blank chronicles (6 for players, one for GM) for any game I would run. A lot of scenarios are not repeatable, so if some players didn't show up, I would waste paper and ink for each player that didn't show. As we all know, ink costs more than gold, so this waste adds up, as well as the small environmental impact of all the wasted chronicle sheets.

By switching to using rpgchronicles, I put the onus on the player to decide if they even want to print their chronicle sheet. You are allowed to have 100% digital records for your PC, so you can keep all your PC records on the cloud if you want. Additionally, should you somehow lose the file, I can easily reproduce the exact same chronicle for you. Additionally, you can choose to print your chronicles if you desire.

Additionally, they offer a great service that allows me to easily and quickly report games on paizo.com with a simple copy/paste. Gone are the days of me trying to parse peoples chickenscratch to determine their PFS ID and PC #. If you report the correct info on the sign in sheet, there will be no errors reporting it.
I'm going to sign up for a game, but I don't know what PC I'm going to play yet. What do I fill in on the page?
You should put your Org Play # in and set your Character Number to 2999. If you have an account on RPG Chronicles, you can edit your sign up info at any time. If you don't have an account, you can let me know at game time and I can update your sign in info. The same goes for faction and character level -- just set it to any faction and any level within the tier and we can edit it later.
I want to GM a game. How do I fill out the rpg chronicles page?
Awesome, thanks for stepping up! Unfortunately, this is currently something that is being worked on by the rpgchronicles team that I don't have an eloquent solution for yet. In the meantime, send me your info via email and I'll set you up. You will have to take a few reporting notes to send to me after the game. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to delegate access to a given sign in sheet to GM volunteers.
If you have further questions, please post them below and I will try to add them to these FAQs

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