Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Pathfinder Lodge

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Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Pathfinder Lodge

Post by WhiteMane » Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:44 pm

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Pathfinder Lodge Website and Message Board.

We're happy that you are here!  If you haven't already, please take a moment to register on the site so you can take a look around and join in on the conversation.

The purpose of this site is to make available basic information about our lodge, game days throughout the region and Pathfinder Society as well as to provide a place for conversation between lodge members.

Our Venture Officers for the region are:
O.J. Pinckert, Regional Venture Coordinator-Great Plains Region (whitemane_1@yahoo.com)
Zach Armstrong, Venture Captain-Colorado (zachthedm@gmail.com)
Scott Sinclair, Venture Lieutenant-Northern Colorado (kscottsinclair@yahoo.com)
Jesse Betz, Venture Lieutenant-Denver (jobutz520@yahoo.com)
Everett Morrow, Venture Lieutenant-Colorado Springs (everettmorrow5@yahoo.com)
Richard Bannister, Venture Lieutenant-Colorado Springs (rlbannister1971@gmail.com)
Christian Dragos, Venture Agent-Denver (lorddragos23@yahoo.com)
Ray Varella, Venture Agent-Parker (kyphexler@yahoo.com)
Sean Dineen, Venture Agent-Colorado Springs (cheezwhizard@msn.com)
RC Craigo, Venture Agent-Pueblo (rc@craigo.net)
Eric Parker, Venture Agent-Digital Content (computerpro82@gmail.com)

Be respectful of other members when posting on the board.  If you feel there is a problem with a member please contact one of the message board administrators or the Venture Officers.

Happy Gaming, Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Pathfinder Lodge and remember the Pathfinder Society motto...  Explore, Report, Cooperate!
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