Pathfinder/Starfinder online 8/27/2022

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Pathfinder/Starfinder online 8/27/2022

Post by ESParker » Sat Aug 20, 2022 8:16 pm

Greetings Fellow Pathfinders/Starfinders,

I am Eric Parker, and I am now accepting player signups for an online session on August 27th, 2022

At this time, I intend to leave this announcement open on the RockyMountainPFS server until Tuesday 6 PM, prior to the game, when I will also post it on, which will make the game available worldwide. I will start by reserving three seats for local players, with three on-line seats. As we get closer, I will increase the number of on-line seats available if the local seats don't fill up.

I am switching to Foundry from Roll20 for most future games

Please let me know if there are any other questions or comments.

The game will be held on Foundry: ... 72466fbc29

Voice will be on Rocky Mountain PFS Discord:
or the event ... 5116210176

I ask the players to please fill out a sign-in sheet: ... 6b/pregame

IMPORTANT: To sign up please email me directly at <--Clicking this link will cause your email program or smart phone to generate an email directly to me. Simply hitting reply to this email (the one generated by the announcement) will NOT get your email to anyone.

Saturday 8/27/2022
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-13: Guardian's Covenant

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 3rd- through 6th-level characters.

Heed the call for heroes!

After assisting the people of Port Valen and protecting the town from rampaging trolls, the Society earned the approval of the settlement's leaders to establish a new Pathfinder lodge in the former feasting hall of the legendary warrior Sveinn Blood-Eagle. After enduring several months of dangerous ocean voyages to supply the new lodge and assist the town, venture-captains Bjersig Torrsen and Calisro Bennary requested permission for the Society to connect their new lodge in Port Valen to the Maze of the Open Road. By using the mystical extraplanar hedge maze, the venture-captains hope to strengthen the Society's presence in Arcadia. Rather than establish such a connection on their own, the venture-captains consulted Port Valen's leaders to determine the most responsible means of opening the portal. Their careful research brought them to a fey guardian in the Forest of Trials. The guardian readily agreed to the Society's proposal, on one condition. To keep the portal opened, the Society must regularly send heroes to perform heroic deeds in and around the Forest of Trials!

In this repeatable scenario, the PCs visit Port Valen and perform a series of deeds to earn the approval of the forest guardian. The scenario includes variable elements to ensure continued enjoyment for those who wish to play or run the adventure multiple times.

Written by Christopher Wasko

Scenario tags: Repeatable

Player 1:
Player 2:
Player 3:
Player 4:
Player 5:
Player 6:

Standby 1:
Standby 2:

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