Game Knight Games - Pueblo - May 13 - PF2

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Game Knight Games - Pueblo - May 13 - PF2

Post by rwcraigo » Mon May 01, 2023 3:28 pm


Hello! My name is RC and I organize society games at Game Knight Games in Pueblo, CO.

Sign-ups for all PFS & SFS events are handled via If you prefer not to use Warhorn, you may also reply to this post or send me an email at rccraigo (at) Sign-ups on Warhorn will take priority over others should there be more signed up than available seats. I can usually arrange a 2nd table if given at least a few days advance notice but may need to ask a player to step up and volunteer to GM.

Pathfinder Society Intro #2: United in Purpose

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1-2.

When a group of Pathfinder Society initiates recently completed their Confirmation and rescued a fellow Pathfinder, they also uncovered a host of ruins belonging to an ancient civilization. Now, the Society’s major factions have sent their foremost experts and leaders to begin coordinating a thorough investigation of the ruins. Strong and savvy field agents are needed to begin uncovering the secrets hidden within these ruins.

Written by Brian Duckwitz

Scenario tags: Repeatable

Pathfinder Society Intro #2: United in Purpose
Location: Game Knight Games
Date/Time: Saturday May 13, 12:00pm - 4:00pm
GM: Miriam
Player 1: RC (Level 2 Skeleton Bard)
Player 2: Megan (Level 2 Fighter)
Player 3:
Player 4:
Player 5:
Player 6:

Explore. Report. Cooperate!
VA for Game Knight Games in Pueblo, CO

"If everyone is having fun, you're not doing it wrong."

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