Jacque Woods passing

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Jacque Woods passing

Post by WhiteMane » Thu Feb 08, 2024 8:45 am

Greetings Pathfinders...

It is with a heavy heart that I am letting everyone know that Jacque Woods passed away this week. Jacque was a Venture Officer that helped to form the Rocky Mountain Pathfinder Society into what it is today. She was the Venture Captain of Colorado when I first joined the Pathfinder Society in 2013 and she is the one that ultimately brought me into the Venture Officer Corps.

I hope you all will join me in sending thoughts and prayers to her and her husband, Bill.
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Re: Jacque Woods passing

Post by slate » Thu Feb 08, 2024 9:22 am

Oh man, that’s awful to hear. 😞

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Re: Jacque Woods passing

Post by Ted Webster » Thu Feb 08, 2024 1:37 pm

What a great lady. I will never forget her alchemist. After her character tossed all the alchemist bombs, the character would pull out a lawn chair and sit the rest of the battle out. Brilliant!
Our world was made better for knowing her.

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Re: Jacque Woods passing

Post by lcnab » Fri Feb 09, 2024 11:24 pm

My deepest condolences and prayers for the family, I am truly sorry :(

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Re: Jacque Woods passing

Post by Kamarreh » Sun Feb 11, 2024 12:51 pm

Although I never met/knew her, I definitely send my condolences and my prayers to her family and friends. ❤️💔❤️🙏🙏🙏

Colter Rex
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Re: Jacque Woods passing

Post by Colter Rex » Tue Feb 13, 2024 9:25 am

My condolences, may Pharasma guide her on her journeys.

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Re: Jacque Woods passing

Post by Homunculus23 » Fri Feb 16, 2024 8:54 am

Always sad news. My preys are with her husband
Logan G., Denver, CO

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