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Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by Sir.Gryphon » Sun Dec 01, 2019 3:02 pm

Hail and Well Met Pathfinders!


December is the time of year to spend with friends and family in celebration of the year that was and we Pathfinders and Starfinders have a lot to celebrate. The second edition was released with much fanfare and high expectations and the Starfinder Society managed to rescue many of their lost companions and reunite the Society. What a time to be alive!!

Of course, I enjoy celebrating our time together too. We have had many adventures, raised money for worthy causes, and had a great time. I appreciate you all!

As always, I have tried to incorporate as many requests as possible and if you want to see something changed, just ask!

I have maps for the games with a (*)

Just as a reminder:
  • Games start at 6pm and end at 10pm. Let's be respectful of our hosts and try to end on time!
  • We follow the D11 weather closure schedule; if D11 is closed on Wednesday, PFS/SFS is canceled for the night. Please be safe and plan accordingly.
  • Please make sure that your real name (or at least whatever you'd like me to call you on the schedule) is listed in your post. If your account is ChunkyLover53 and you don't list your real name, you will be christened...
  • Sign up as soon as possible, you can always cancel if you need to
  • Please do not hot-swap tables!
  • Any sign ups on the day of the game (Wednesday) may not get a slot at the table, but do show up. We will always try to fit you in to a game!
  • GMs: if you need to cancel, let me know ASAP so I can find a replacement!
  • If you want a game scheduled, please ask!
Explore, Cooperate, and Report!
4 Dec 2019
06-21 Tapestry's Toil Tier 5-9 GM: ?
A simple retrieval mission takes an unexpected turn when the Pathfinder Society learns a valuable treasure was under its nose—within the curious demiplane connected to the Hao Jin Tapestry. The descendants of the original owners have changed in the centuries since their sequestration, though, and initial attempts to parley have ended in failure. Can the PCs discover what became of this lost people and secure the relic they guard?

04-18 The Veteran's Vault Tier 1-5 GM: John
While many Pathfinders meet unfortunate fates in their ongoing explorations of the dangerous world of Golarion, some retire with decades' worth of treasure in their coffers, and their lives still intact. When one such Pathfinder approaches the Grand Lodge with the hidden location of her treasure vault, it falls upon a new generation of Pathfinders to retrieve from within a valuable keepsake. That they can keep anything other than the ex-Pathfinder's locket makes the assignment all the sweeter.
Player 1: Mark H.
Player 2: Erin

05-24 Assault on the Wound Tier 3-7 GM: Roy
The Pathfinder Society embarks on its expedition to the lost Sky Citadel Jormurdun with a small army of allies in tow, but they are not the only ones seeking the dwarven fortress. Two of the Society’s nemeses have rallied the fiends of Frostmire to crush the Pathfinders, hoping to buy the villains enough time to secure Jormurdun first. If the campaign is to succeed, the Society’s forces will need bold leadership. Can the PCs lead their motley army to victory deep in the Worldwound?
Player 1: Bill
Player 2: Harlie
Player 3: Hillary

PF2E 01-08 Revolution on the Riverside Tier 1-4 GM: Richard
In the heart of the River Kingdoms, revolution and turmoil boil just beneath the surface. The PCs are called to investigate rumors of an old, abandoned Pathfinder Lodge, but discover that their investigation leads them into a firestorm of danger and intrigue. What starts as a simple task becomes a revolution sweeping a nation, and the PCs' actions will inevitably shape the future of an entire kingdom.
Player 1: Jim K.
Player 2: Rob D.
Player 3: James

11 Dec 2019
01-31 Sniper in the Deep Tier 5-9 GM: ?
When rumors stir of a hidden treasure ship in Absalom's Flotsam Graveyard, the Pathfinder Society sends you beneath the Inner Sea to investigate. Mayhem, undersea adventure, and chaos are to be had in this rousing rampage beneath the roiling waters of Absalom's harbor.

08-23 Graves of Crystalmaw Pass Tier 3-7 GM: ?
One of Master of Spells Sorrina Westyr's former adventuring companions vanished to the Plane of Earth and was presumed dead. She has recently resurfaced along an old road between the Plane of Earth and the Plane of Fire—one that even the warring forces of the planes' greatest cities had abandoned—and has shown little interest in discussing her circumstances with the Pathfinder Society. Can the PCs uncover why she disappeared and enlist her help in reaching a site on the war-torn and volcanic borderlands?

PF2E 01-01 The Absalom Initiation Tier 1-4 GM: Jim K.
A new era is beginning for the Pathfinder Society, with new recruits and new factions all excited to build connections and embark on grand adventures. The PCs are among these recruits invited to attend a welcoming party where they can meet both the old guard as well as the up-and-coming leaders. But the party's not all talk; the PCs learn of four exciting escapades in Absalom, through which they can kick off their adventuring careers!

PF2E 01-02 The Mosquito Witch Tier 1-4 GM: ?
Decades ago, witnesses reported a fearsome cryptid outside of the quiet River Kingdoms town of Shimmerford. Dubbed the Mosquito Witch, it was rarely seen since and quickly became a beloved local legend that the town celebrates and promotes to attract visitors. But when recent attacks began savaging livestock and townsfolk alike, many have started believing the Mosquito Witch was real all along. The PCs travel to Shimmerford to unravel the cryptid mystery, but might they just become the witch's next victim?

AP 39 Pathfinder Adventure Path #39: Serpent's Skull 3 of 6 The City of Seven Spears Tier 8-10 GM: Bill
The heroes reach Saventh-Yhi, the legendary City of Seven Spears, but they aren't the only ones eager to plunder the lost fortress. Will the heroes uncover the city's secrets before they're ambushed by pirates, assassins, and bloody-handed merchant-scholars? Also includes a gazetteer of the lost city, an overview of juju magic, and the reassembly of the Scarred Ones adventuring party just in time for the former comrades to be captured by lion-riders in the Pathfinder's Journal.

18 Dec 2019
Module The Emerald Spire Superdungeon Level 13: The Pleasure Gardens (Slow) Tier 9-11 GM: Bill
For ages untold, a gemstone monolith has pierced the heart of the Echo Wood. Now, as civilization intrudes upon this enigmatic splinter, a strange life once again stirs in the depths—one with ties to undying evils and a might beyond time itself. The promise of wealth and power calls to glory-seekers from across the Inner Sea region, tempting them into a labyrinth of monster-haunted vaults, defiled tombs, arcane laboratories, and worse, as they seek to unveil the secrets locked below the legendary Emerald Spire.

03-15 * The Haunting of Hinojai Tier 5-9 GM: ?
Ever seeking long-lost secrets, the Pathfinder Society sends a team of agents to explore a reportedly haunted house in the Dragon Empires nation of Minkai, hoping they can uncover the secret behind the legendary location's tormented past.

05-02 The Wardstone Patrol Tier 3-7 GM: Mark H.
All-out war has erupted on the long-contested border between the crusader nation of Mendev and the demon-infested Worldwound. With the magical defenses that once held the demons at bay failing, defense of the region now falls to small patrols of mobile soldiers to resupply, reinforce, and communicate between the border's many fortresses and outposts. With so much at stake, the Pathfinder Society has enlisted many of its agents to assist in the war effort, both to protect its own interests and to prevent the onrushing tide of demonic attackers from plunging the entire Inner Sea region into chaos. On one such wardstone patrol, however, the party may find itself facing an enemy of an entirely different nature.

PF2E 01-Quest Port Peril Pub Crawl (Quest) Tier 1-4 GM: Richard
Venture-Captain Calisro Bennary has arranged for the PC's transport to the pirate haven of Port Peril to make contact with Free Captain Stella Fane and negotiate a contract with her, facilitating Society movements through the pirate blockades in the area. The job seems simple: track down the the pirate captain, secure the agreement, and then return to Absalom. But few things are simple when a den of villainous pirates is involved, and it's unlikely the PCs will be able to leave Port Peril without throwing a few punches in a proper pub brawl!
Player 1: Rob D.

PF2E 01-03 Escaping the Grave Tier 1-4 GM: ?
The Whispering Tyrant has escaped Gallowspire and ravaged the lands of Lastwall. Although the nation managed to evacuate many civilians, there are still refugees, Pathfinders, and irreplaceable cultural treasures trapped in this undead-ridden realm known as the Gravelands. The PCs are part of the Society's efforts to infiltrate these dangerous lands, rescue the Pathfinders missing in action, and recover what historical texts and treasures they can. Just be quick! Every hour behind enemy lines increases the chance a nearby army learns of the PCs' mission.
Scenario Tags: Faction (Envoys' Alliance)"

25 Dec 2019 **CLOSED**
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Re: Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by Nilgodmode » Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:51 pm

I can run 05-24 Assault on the Wound next week.

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Re: Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by lochinvar_1971 » Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:38 pm

I can run

PF2E 01-08 Revolution on the Riverside Tier 1-4 GM: ?

and all 4 2E quests on the 18th for a full night of gaming

Oh and play Serpents Skull >:D
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Re: Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by Jettwist » Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:55 am

I can GM Veterans Vault on the 4th, and if you'd put me on stand by for the 3-7 in-case no one signs up that would be great

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Re: Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by greyblade23 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:57 pm

Happy to run the Absalom Initiation on the 11th.
Jim K

Can I get a seat at Richard's PF2 table this Wednesday, please and thank you.
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Re: Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by Tuhs1985 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:26 pm

Out of towner (visiting from Omaha for some training out here for a few weeks), not sure if this is the right spot, but would like to sign up to play:

PF2E 01-08 Revolution on the Riverside Tier 1-4

PF2E 01-Quest Port Peril Pub Crawl (Quest) Tier 1-4

Rob D
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Re: Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by harleyquinn94 » Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:30 am

Can you sign me up to play at Roy's table please? Thanks.

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Re: Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by pdeltoid » Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:26 am

I’ll volunteer to run 5-2 on 18 dec

I’d like to play 4-18 on 4 dec.

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Re: Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by seranan » Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:12 am

Can you please sign me up for 04-18 on 12/4?

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Re: Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by jbane » Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:10 pm

I would like to sign up to play "Revolution on the Riverside" please.


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Re: Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by Fyre Vyxsin » Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:01 pm

I don’t see a player sign up thread for this week, so may I be signed up for Assault on the Wound please? ~Hillary

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Re: Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by WhiteMane » Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:51 pm

I will run 8-23 Graves of Crystalmaw Pass
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Re: Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by Jettwist » Mon Dec 16, 2019 10:03 am

Cn you sign me up to run Haunting of hinojai 3-15? and put me in as a stand in for the one Mark H. is running?

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Re: Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by Huxley0804 » Mon Dec 16, 2019 5:19 pm

Put down Mark and Connor for the Pf2 Pub Crawl!

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Re: Enchanted Realms PFS GM Call, Dec 2019

Post by Mellysande » Mon Dec 16, 2019 9:05 pm

Please sign erik and Jenn up for
05-02 The Wardstone Patrol. Thanks

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