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Store Update

Post by slate » Thu Jun 18, 2020 9:33 pm

Here's a quick update from Enchanted Grounds.

TLDR: No in person gaming for a while. They're going to do some renovations during this time, but are still open for buying fun things and taking them home to play with said fun things!
Enchanted Grounds wrote: Health department policies continue to change as Colorado moves toward reopening stores and restaurants. We have been monitoring them closely, weighing our options. But the one thing that Enchanted Grounds relies on that will not change is the ability for people to congregate for long periods of time, mingling and playing games. Friday Night Magic, for instance, was seeing crowds of as many as 80 people in the store, enjoying themselves for hours as they played games with each other.

This cannot happen, yet: that is clear. Everyone’s safety is of paramount importance, and Enchanted Grounds will continue to maintain policies that ensure that safety for all our guests and staff. We will update these policies as things change, of course, but for now both stores will remain open only for to-go orders, curbside delivery, and retail shopping. In-store seating and events remain unavailable.

This post updates current policies at Enchanted Grounds during the ongoing pandemic. For more information about future plans and how to get updated on the staff and store, please see this post:

Store policies as of June 1st, 2020:
1 - Please wear your mask inside the store.

2 - Please follow social distancing rules by keeping at least six feet of distance between you and anyone else in the store.

3 - If you show up with your housemates, please consider sending only one person into the store to place your orders. Our menu is available online so you can review your order before coming in. To view it, scan the QR code on the door or go to

3a - If multiple people will be paying separately, you may send your credit card and ID in with the person placing the order.

4 - Inside the store, please follow floor indicators for lines and directional travel to pick up your order and leave the store.

4a – You will find a touch-free hand sanitizer immediately inside: please make use of it.

5 - We do not have public restrooms available for non-purchasing customers.

6 - We do not have seating available for anyone, under any circumstance.

7 - If you have any kind of respiratory issues, please do your part to keep yourself and others safe by returning home. Other options for getting service from us are below.

We now have online portals for you to use for curbside pickup. You can find those portals here:

Highlands Ranch:


Phone orders are also available at both stores. You may call the store to ask questions about any of the services we provide and give payment information over the phone as well. The store phone numbers are:

Highlands Ranch 303.470.1010

Littleton 303.795.0772

Thank you so much for your support and patience as we work through all of this. Someday soon we will be able to return to providing you a comfortable home away from home, where you can hang out with your family and friends and do all these things we love doing. Your help with all of this means a great deal to us. Stay safe.
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